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Our department is responsible for : diagnosis of patients with dental complaints (Oral Diagnosis Section); diagnosis, management and prevention of those oral pathoses that do not need mechanical or surgical means of treatment (Oral Medicine Section); and routine and special radiographic procedures and interpretation (Oral & Maxillo-facial Radiology Section). Being a department in a teaching institute, all these activities go hand in hand with undergraduate training programmes.

To cater to the above, we have equipped ourselves with :

  • 12 dental chair units, 2 dental chair units with complete delivery systems

  • Instruments and materials needed to perform routine and special clinical investigations

  • Facilities needed for routine medical examination of patients

  • 2 dental x-ray machines (one of which is exclusively for undergraduate training) supported by 2 dark rooms and 2 automatic processors (one of which can handle big films)

  • 1 panoramic x-ray machine with cephalometry unit

  • 1 x-ray machine with 100 kVp and 20 mA for extra-oral radiography

  • A direct digital radiography and photography system with associated computer and accessories.

Undergraduate Clinic
Postgraduate Clinic
Radiology Clinic
Digital Imaging Clinic

Teaching Facilities: Instruction and learning is through the most modern teaching facilities such as to give a truly audiovisual educational experience. Besides the traditional overhead and slide projectors, computer based teaching is provided. Our department has two multimedia computers for clinical training. A notebook computer with a LCD projector is used for class room teaching. The digital photography system allows demonstration and recording of pathoses.

A large collection of clinical pictures, radiographs and well-documented case studies forms the teaching material. We strongly believe in showing what we are saying and are constantly striving to build up a visual record of procedures and pathoses. All the teaching modules and computer-based teaching modules are generated in-house.